2011 Chinese New Year Celebration    
  Youth Group   GonXi GongXi   Tortoise and Hare  
  Youth Group--Symphony   Chinese School--Recite the Words of God, Chorus GongXiGongXi   Chinese School--Drama The Tortoise and Hare  
  Priase ON the Plateau   Tibet Plateau   Folk Song (1)  
  Chinese School--Dance Praise On the Plateau   Joy Group--Solo Tibet Plateau   Humility Group--Folk Song(1)  
  Folk Song (2)   Drama   Erhu Solo  
Humility Group--Folk Song(2) Humility Group--Drama   Faithfulness group, Meekness Group--Erhu Solo
The story of Jonah   Hometown is Bejing My Stage
Kindness Group--Drama The Story of Jonas Kindness Group--Solo Hometown is Bejing Kindness Group--Solo My Stage
Faithfulness group, Meekness Group--Dance Girls from the Mountain A-lee